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The brand built from a DREAM, Jamie Johnson who had an unrelenting passion for the game of basketball. Despite facing numerous challenges, Jamie worked hard and became a 2-time All-American in college. After college, he played professionally overseas and proved that anything is possible with the right mindset and work ethic.

Despite not playing basketball his senior year of high school Jamie refused to give up on his dreams. He enrolled at Kentucky Wesleyan College as a junior varsity basketball player, determined to work hard and prove himself to the coaching staff. Jamie's dedication and hard work paid off, and after a year of playing junior varsity basketball, he was given the opportunity to try out for the varsity team.

Starting out as the 15th player on the depth chart, Jamie faced an uphill battle to earn playing time. But he refused to let this discourage him. He continued to work hard in practice, pushing himself to improve and demonstrate his value to the team.

the following spring, Jamie decided to transfer to Indiana Southeast, where he could have a better opportunity to earn playing time. At Indiana Southeast University Jamie became a 2-time All American and finished 6th in school history in scoring.

"I knew i was talented enough to be on scholarship" Jamie said when asked about why he chose to transferred to Indiana Southeast University.  

After graduating, he knew that he wanted to use his experiences to inspire others as he set himself to pursue a career overseas. From everything Jamie had be through DRILLS TO DREAMS was born which started as a youtube channel documenting his journey to making it overseas through covid. Jamie knew that the key to success in any field, whether it was basketball or anything else, was hard work and dedication. He wanted to create a brand that would embody these principles, inspiring and motivating others to pursue their dreams with everything they had.